Sabres Unveil New 'Split Season Tickets' Option

Online Portal Allows Ticket Holders to Sell Portion of Games


Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - The Buffalo Sabres are unveiling a new way for season ticket holders to sell some of the tickets they won't use, and a way for fans to buy directly from those ticket holders.

The Sabres are calling the program 'SplitSeasonTickets.' The program allows season ticket holders to create a custom listing with the number of games they wish to share, and connect with others to form a group to share a ticket package. The program helps fans manage the ticket supply by sorting tickets and tracking their use, and gives the ticket partners a digital platform to communicate. 

It also offers an online draft tool, which is similar to fantasy sports drafts, to efficiently divide tickets. The draft feature is also available to existing season ticket holders who already split tickets and would like to use to facilitate their game selections free of charge.

"You can use this tool to manage the inventory and divide it among the members of your existing (ticket sharing) group, or you can create a listing," said Don Heins of Pegula Sports and Entertainment. "Let's say I'm a season ticket holder who wants to go to half of the games, and I want someone to go to the other 20. I can do a customized post that would find another fan looking to go to those other games."

Then website is live for season ticket holders, and fans looking to become partial ticket holders, as of Monday. For more information, you cango to

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