Sabres Players Think It's Going To Be A Good Season

Players talk to the media after a long summer off

Richard Root
September 15, 2017 - 6:12 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Sabre training camp kicked of yesterday, but gets into full swing today with some on-ice sessions this morning.  We got to hear from some players after a long summer off during several press conferences.

Where do you start?  There are so many story-lines.  Yes, we know Jack Eichel still hasn't signed an extension contract and Eichel addressed that.

"It's not really something that's too much on my mind," Eichel said, "I kind of left my agents to deal with it."

Goalie Robin Lehner is back, and, being typically blunt, he doesn't seem to miss former General Manager Tim Murray.

"I heard you guys talk about this all summer, "Lehner said, "me and Tim, we knew each other, but it's not like we were hanging out at home."

Kyle Okposo call the firings of Murray and coach Dan Bylsma "business," and then talked about his health, saying he appreciates being able to play again. "Feels good. Another first day of camp in the books."

And who can forget Evander Kane, who, of course, was asked about his shenanigans.

"That kind of stuff has been following me around for a little bit," Kane said, "people love using my name to grab a headline, so, for me it's nothing new."

Of course, does anyone need to be reminded that Jason Pominville is on the team again?

"It feels great, it's been awesome. We're settled in, the kids are at school, we're ready to go," Pominville exclaimed, "I mean it feels like it's been a while, but it's been four and a half years, it's good to be back, and it's good to have a chance to be in early, have a chance to meet everyone. Lot of new faces, but it should be exciting for us."

It's like old times!

Eichel, like the rest of the players, wanted to talk about this coming season and all of the changes since April, especially new head coach Phil Housley.

"You know, obviously the way that Phil wants to play is right up my alley, "Eichel explained, "so, I'm excited for it. D down the walls, D in the rush, that's me, so, you know that all sounds good."

Evander Kane is down with Housley, too. "With Phil, the change I've already seen, I think it's a little bit different approach, and I think it's going to work well."

Kyle Okposo thinks Housley is going to turn things around. "I'm excited to see what his implementation is, of a system that's going to be, and how we're going to play it, and I think it's going to be a really exciting brand of hockey."

Jason Pominville always has something good to say. "The talent level is definitely there. I think they've been able to draft really well," Pominville said.

"It's going to be interesting. I think they've been able to position themselves well as an organization, made some good moves, and the future looks really bright."


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