The Sabres Organization Gets Swept Up In NFL Anthem Protest Dispute

Veins Veins Veins says "no no no"

Richard Root
October 05, 2017 - 6:21 am
Old school Brian Campbell TV ad



Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - While NHL players aren't expected to follow NFL players protesting during the national anthem, the Sabres organization will be caught up in the fallout from those protests none-the-less.

Remember Brian "Soupy" Campbell's commercials for the Center for Excessive sweating?

"Do you sweat heavily when others are barely breaking a sweat? Do often blush when there is no reason to do so," the classic commercials went.

Yeah, well that was for the same surgical group that has the iconic Veins Veins Veins advertising at KeyBank Center.

That long-time sponsor of the Buffalo Sabres has decided to protest the Pegulas.  

Executive Vice President of the Vein Treatment Center, Karen Karamanoukian told WGRZ they're outraged that Bills players did not stand for the national anthem.

Karamanoukian says at least the Bills could have done what Dallas did and kneel beforehand, and stand for the anthem.  She places the blame on the team's owners the Pegulas.

She told WGRZ veterans feel insulted, "they're very important, they fought for all of our freedoms, and allow us to things we're not allowed to do in other countries."

Karamanoukian says since they have a contract they must honor, they will protest the Pegulas by inviting veterans into the KeyBank suite wearing specially made t-shirts.

They also plan to replace their commercials with sports that feature vets sharing their thoughts on the national anthem protests.

Karamanoukian says they will not renew their contract with the Sabres.

A Pegula Sports spokes-person told WGRZ they can't comment on current legal disputes.

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