Roswell Park Gets $720,000 in Federal Funding

Funding Will Be Used To Continue Research On Psychological Outcomes of Pediatric CancerCaregiving

Tom Puckett
May 31, 2017 - 4:13 pm

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) New York's US senators say funding is coming for Roswell Park to the tune of $720,000. The funding will support Roswell Park’s research involving the composition and function on psychological outcomes of pediatric cancer caregiving.

"We all use social networks in our everyday life and so this research will look at these network properties associated with access to other networks of support," says Roswell Park CEO Candace Johnson. "How different patterns of engaging the network could be, and the ultimate goal being improving the parents' adaptation psychologically to their child who has cancer. I think it's an innovative approach to use these social network skills to help parents get through these difficult times."

“Buffalo’s Roswell Park is a center of cutting-edge and life-saving cancer research. Securing this critical federal investment will enable Roswell Park Cancer Institute to remain on the forefront of  research in areas like pediatric cancer caregiving, particularly in the area of psychological outcomes, thus increasing the quality of care cancer patients children receive and creating jobs in the process,” said Senator Chuck Schumer. “I am pleased to announce this $720K in funding that will be a shot in the arm to Roswell Park and I will continue fighting to protect the vital work that is being done by the world-class researchers at Roswell.”

“While cancer continues to be a scourge that claims lives, with the right investments in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, our scientists will have more tools and resources needed to help families combat this terrible disease,” said Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. “These funds are a major investment that will help the Roswell Park Cancer Institute continue their world-class medical research to help children living with cancer. I will continue to fight for resources that support invaluable cutting-edge, life-saving cancer research.”

Johnson says it's a five year grant, with a total being $3.6 million, with the first $700,000 coming for this year. 

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