Roger Stone & Michael Caputo talk Russian Collusion, and Donald Trump Jr.

"This is a Witch Hunt" - Roger Stone

Susan Rose
July 13, 2017 - 10:47 am

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - Political consultant and longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone was a guest of strategist Michael Caputo on WBEN Thursday morning.  Both Caputo and Stone are to appear before the House Intelligence Committee investigating Russian collusion. Caputo will testify Friday at 2pm.

The House committee is investigating possible Russian election interference.  Caputo worked in Russia, prior to working on the Trump campaign.  He said he is now working to clear his name.

"Immediately after Congresswoman Jackie Speier called out my name and my wife's name on March 20, insinuating that we are both traitors, our phones blew up with threats on my life and threats to burn down our house". Caputo said Speier smeared him and opened a floodgate.

Roger Stone said Caputo is being harassed because he once lived in Russia.  "This is a witch hunt" said Stone.  "There's no reason for you to testify, this is a violation of your civil rights". 

Stone continued, "the whole Russian thing focuses solely on Donald Trump, Jr. and after consulting with a number of election lawyers, Donny Jr has done nothing wrong, nothing illegal and nothing immoral. Frankly, when you're in the midst of a tough campaign and someone you know contacts you about information that may be instrumental to your opponent, it would be malpractice NOT to hear them out".

Stone also pointed out that the Don Trump Jr. story is looking more and more like a set-up. "There's video of the Russian attorney joining anti-Trump protestors outside a building, there are pictures of her with the Russian ambassador. She's looking more and more like a government agent to me and this looks like a willful attempt to compromise Don Jr."

Stone said the whole thing makes very little sense. "It's all they have. They just can't get over the fact that they lost the election".

Hear the entire conversation between Roger Stone and Michael Caputo below:

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