Ridesharing Countdown Clock On Hold in Albany

Not Part of the Budget Extender

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - An upstate ridesharing agreement came last week. So why is it missing from the two month budget extender?  State Senator Patrick Gallivan (R-Elma) says appropriations were included in the temporary extension.  "Ridesharing is a new policy and initiative, but this budget extender dealt mostly with appropriations". 

That means the 90 day countdown clock can't even start until the full budget is in place.  "That's absolutely right. I'm very disappointed about that" said State Senator Chris Jacobs (R-Buffalo). "As soon as we get a budget, ridesharing will be in it". 

Asked how long it will take to finalize a budget, Jacobs is hoping it is done within the next two weeks. This is his first year as a state senator.  "Legislators do not get paid until there is a full budget deal. I'm hoping that will bring everyone back to the table".

At this point, the earliest ridesharing could start across upstate New York is July.   


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