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Rex: Williams doesn't have concussion, but \"dirty hit\" by Landry

October 24, 2016 - 4:28 pm

By Sal Capaccio

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Aaron Williams was back at the Bills facility with his teammates Monday, one day after suffering a vicious, illegal hit from Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry.

Head coach Rex Ryan confirmed to WGR that Williams did not suffer a concussion and told the media the safety was "walking around the building" and attending team meetings, but that the medical staff is still evaluating his head and neck.   

Ryan would not commit to having Williams on the field or not next Sunday when his team faces the New England Patriots at home.

However, when it came to Landry’s hit, the head coach had plenty to say.  Here is the full, unedited transcript of his meeting with the media and the questions regarding the issue:

Q: You have had a chance to look at the hit and what are your thoughts on it now?

A: Yeah I mean it is, it was totally unnecessary. Did he target, did he launch? Yeah he did all those--you can check every box you want. Was it a dirty hit? Yeah.  It is was unnecessary and as I see it, it is unsportsmanlike. There is nothing about that hit that would say any other deal, but I thought the officials got it right by the way everything is you know it was unnecessary roughness, it clearly was. A football play and he came in for a crack block. There was nothing physical about it, I was surprised he did it and absolutely disappointed. You know, now I have a player that is in jeopardy.

So I don’t understand it. But I think maybe we need to look at our rules a little bit. The college game may have it right. Maybe it is, maybe having a guy that targets or deliberately does something like that maybe the right move is to eject the player from the game and maybe part of another game. That is how college does it. I also like the fact they review it on video and if it is not, because there are a lot of things that happen. I am not saying for every unnecessary roughness because there are plenty guys trying to block a pass, hit a quarterback in the head or whatever, that is not what I am talking about. A blatant shot like that or others I have seen. Maybe there is a different way of handling it. Yeah I was surprised by it, because like I said I have a great deal of respect for that player, a very competitive. Robert Woods is one of the most physical receivers in the game and he comes down and does the same exact blocks and all that stuff. But I have never once seen Robert (Woods) target a player.

Q: Does it seem right to you that a player get a 15 yard penalty for that hit and also one for dancing in the end zone?

A: Well no, but I guess that is what I am getting at. The unsportsmanlike we are trying to clean that part of the game up there is no question about it and we should. We don’t need to do that type of stuff, I get it, a lot of kids are watching. I think those are great things. But for things that are blatant things deals like that, I am not sitting there just because this player did it to one of my players. I am saying in the game, this game is the greatest game in the world because of the players. It is not because of this or that. It is because of our players. To me we ought to protect our players at all costs. If there is a better way of doing it to take 15-yards and a take hit like that, there are many others as we know, and that is how guys get injured. We want to really protect our players we need to look at things, maybe in the future we will look at things differently.

Q: How do you coach your receivers on that type of block if a players head it down?

A: Well you never crack a guy, you never hit him in the head or neck area, so you lower your target. That is what we do in the league, and we have done good job of it. These hits don’t happen very often because of that. Players are mindful of the fact I am coming in here to block. I mentioned Robert Woods, Robert Woods makes some great blocks, the kid in Arizona, (Larry) Fitzgerald makes some great blocks, but you don’t need to target and clearly launch at a guy and hit him in the head or neck area.

Q: Does it help alleviate in some way that Landry stayed on the field and tried to apologize?

A: Well I think, like I said before he has always been a physical player and a great player, I guess you just have to ask him. They say it is a football play, no, that is not. There is nothing about being physical about that play. It is just being…

Q: I wasn’t excusing.

A: I get it and maybe after he did it he realized that. These guys are, it is rare group guys that are able to play in this league. It is rare fraternity, I don’t think any player wants to take out another player. You want to hit him physically, I guarantee you want to go in and hit that player as physical as you can, you want to hit them as hard as you can, but you want to do it within the confinements of the rules. That way we are protected, I think rules protect our players. That is what they are there. I am sure the kid realized, (Jarvis) Landry realized that he made a terrible mistake.

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