Retailers React to 'Tide Pod Challenge'

Detergent May Now be Under Lock and Key

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(WBEN) - The newest social media 'challenge' is causing some teens to be rushed to the hospital, and now some retailers are putting a basic household item under lock and key. 

Videos circulating on Youtube and Instagram show teens biting in to liquid laundry detergent packs in what's known as the 'Tide Pod Challenge.' The craze is serious enough that the manufacturers of the packs are re-thinking the way they market and manufacture them, with Tide rushing out an internet advertisement with Rob Gronkowski telling people to not eat the product,

Now, some stores are reacting too. 

Certain outlets of Walmart, Walgreens, Ralph's, and Food 4 Less are locking-up the liquid detergent pods as a means of deterring young shoppers. Now the liquid detergent pods will be behind cases much like razor blades, and people will have to wait for assistance to get their laundry essentials.

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