Reed Says Democrats Seem Committed to Impeachment

Reed says even if you give benefit of the doubt, Trump's actions don't rise to impeachable level

Tom Puckett
November 15, 2019 - 4:00 am

Rep. Tom Reed


Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Congressman Tom Reed believes there is not enough evidence that rises to the level of high crime or misdemanor that would justify the impeachment of President Trump. He says that's if you give the benefit of the doubt to what's been said in the impeachment inquiry.

"I've seen what's been presented, and as I said, I don't see an impeachable level offense here," says Reed. "Even if all that evidence is given the benefit of the doubt, I don't see the high crime treasonous behavior here."

Reed believes what Trump asked for is legal. "I think he was purusing legitimate issues of corruption that have not been investigated, and those are legitimate inquiries that need to be raised. What I see is an inquiry into corruption by a sitting vice president, and that to me can be legitmately be pursued," says Reed.

Reed believes the outcome is inevitable. "It seems the Democrats have made the commitment to bring impeachment to a head to the House, and that means the bill will go to the Senate," notes Reed.

He thinks those pushing for impeachment may end up paying for it later. "At some point, the silent majority is going to step up and say the work we're doing trying to solve problems is what we want in Washington, and they'll start sending those who are going to set aside a commitment to partisanship and find a common ground," predicts Reed.

Day two of the hearings is scheduled for 9am.

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