Reed, Cuomo Clash Over Reopening

"The Governor moved the goalpost in the middle of the night"

Retail preparing to reopen in Finger Lakes of NYS

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) - "The metrics were set in black and white. We were all moving in the direction of Phase Two," said Congressman Tom Reed (R-Corning). "The Governor just moved the goalposts in the middle of the night."

Some areas of New York State had been expecting to enter Phase Two Friday including the Finger Lakes region and the Southern Tier. Genesee, Orleans and Wyoming counties are considered part of the Finger Lakes region.

The Congressman is fuming at the delay. "Hundreds of thousands of people have worked so hard to get to this point and Governor Andrew Cuomo just thumbed his nose at us," said Reed.

Regional officials overseeing the reopening were told by Cuomo's office Thursday evening the second phase was being put on hold. 

The first hint of a delay came during an interview on WAMC in Albany Thursday when the Governor said the next step to Phase Two would be left up to data experts and not an exact two week progression between phases. 

"We'll give the experts the data, let them analyze it. And if they say we should move forward, we move forward," said Cuomo.

Reed said everything looked good. "We were watching the dashboard. The metrics are in black and white. And then literally, as people are ready to go to the next phase, there's an edict on a radio show that we're moving the goalposts." Reed said Cuomo wasn't clear. "That's not how you lead. You lead by communicating and listening to people. 

Phase Two means salons, barber shops, indoor retail and professional services can start reopening.

New York State has released Phase Two rules and guidance for reopening

Business owners have spent most of this week waiting for more guidance from the state on how and when they can reopen.



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