Reed Calls for Bipartisanship to Avoid Shutdown Repeat

Ground floor effort by Problem Solvers Caucus could help end extreme leadership

Tom Puckett
January 23, 2018 - 6:57 pm

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Following last weekend's shutdown, Congressman Tom Reed (R-Corning) says there's a need for bipartisanship to keep a shutdown from happening again. He tells reporters in a conference call there are some small steps being taken.

Rep. Tom Reed on the Shutdown

"It's time to have leadership in Washington like we have with the Problem Solvers Caucus," says Reed. That caucus comprises of 48 congressmen, 24 Democrat and 24 Republican. "They work together, and during the last few days I'm proud we sat for an hour and half, in a culture of trust, discussing a number of proposals." Those proposals ranged from immigration to border security issues. 

Reed says it bled over to the Senate. "I see 20 of the Common Sense Coalition senators coming together to break the extreme bases representing the right and left in the leadership offices of both chambers leading to the shutdown," adds Reed.

Reed says there's a need to build up from the ground the foundational cultural shift being done by those two caucuses to have a good faith discussion of the issues of the day.

"I'm hopeful we'll have an announcement of a problem solvers caucus proposal in the near future that addresses the need from getting away from temporary, short term funding situations for the federal government," notes Reed. 


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