Record Breaking Warmth Today

Temps Might Creep Close To 70 in Some Spots

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 The National Weather Service says  Buffalo-area temperatures topped the record of 64 degrees for this date, with the mercury hitting 66 during the noon hour.

"It feels like spring. Absolutely," says 7 First Alert Chief Meteorologist Aaron Mentkowski. 

Despite the extremely warm-- and early- temperatures, some clousds  could linger throughout the day, forecasters say. But an early morning that begins in the 60s is certainly an indicator of what is to come.

"It  is starting out warm this morning and getting warmer throughout the day, on our way to a record high temperature. It looks like we will be topping out somewhere near the mid 60s ato perhaps as warm as the low 70s," saysMeteorologist Tony Ansuini  at the  National Weather Service in Buffalo. 

The record high for any February 20th was set in 1955 at 64 degrees. 

Lake Erie will still keep temperatures cooler in downtown Buffalo and areas that are close to the shoreline,  but Ansuini adds that "further away from Lake Erie you get , there will be a better chance to see lower 70s, in places like Clarence, Akron, East Aurora, down in those areas" 

  And as unusual as this warm spell is, it is not unprecedented.  The warmest February day on record at the Weather Service's Buffalo office was 71 degrees last year on Feb. 24. 

Hear Ansuini on The WBEN Liveline:

Record-Setting Day? - Meteorologist Tony Ansuini

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