Reaction Mixed to Green Light NY Passing Assembly

Supporters unhappy with no votes from local delegations, waiting for senate vote

Tom Puckett
June 13, 2019 - 4:00 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Supporters of the Green LIght bill say they're happy the Assembly voted to give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. But they're concerned some of the votes did not come from their local assemblymembers.

The Assembly voted 86-47 to move the bill on to the Senate. The issue is safety to some, including Rachel Fix-Dominguez. “Buffalo school children deserve to be protected in and around their schools. The more we can do to improve driver safety, the better it is for all of our students.” Drew Ludwig agrees. "If I should happen to get into an accident, I want to have an accident with an insured driver, and to have an insured driver, they have to have access to driver's licenses," he notes.

Jennifer Connor is furious with Assemblyman Sean Ryan's vote. "My assemblyman has been silent on this issue. He voted no last week on this issue, and yet he represents one of the most immigrant-dense districts in Buffalo. He is not representing the district," says Connor. "How do I explain to my children the hypocrisy of a politician who will only do the right thing when it's also in his own interest. How do I explain we're being represented about someone thinking only about his next move?" ponders Fix-Dominguez.

Supporters are now calling on the Senate to make the next approval. "Common sense and fairness will prevail, and this is a common sense legislation that benefits all families and in particular immigrants families. We call on the Senate to take the next step," urges Connor.

Assembly Majority Leader Crystal People-Stokes said: "The Passage of the Greenlight NY bill IS a victory for undocumented immigrants, who have waited over a decade to have their access to driver's licenses restored. As a co-sponsor of this bill, I believe this move WILL make a difference in my community and the whole state ---improving public safety, increasing economic revenue, lowering insurance rates for all residents, and keeping families together . "

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