Rare Sighting at Tifft Nature Preserve

Photographer captures an Osprey & Bald Eagle



Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - A rare sight captured at Tifft Nature Preserve in Buffalo by a local photographer. 

An active nesting osprey pair are currently making their home at Tifft and recently a bald eagle decided to move-in on their nesting platform.

Photographer Nathan Johnson (@grey_areas) caught the incredible moment with his camera.  Johnson is a birder and regular visitor to Tifft.

"To capture something like this in a photo is just unbelievable" said Meghan Dye, Director of Tifft.   "The Osprey have been nesting at Tifft for quite a few years now and Bald Eagles are becoming more common, but they're still not a common occurrance".

Dye said it looks like the male Osprey is defending his territory from a Bald Eagle that was hanging out nearby.

The photo was captured Wednesday at a nesting platform near Lake Kirsty, the main lake at the preserve. 

Tifft Nature Preserve is located off Fuhrmann Boulevard along Buffalo's outer harbor.  It is 264 acres with 5 miles of trails through marsh and forest. 

HEAR Tifft Director Meghan Dye talk about the rare sighting:



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