Rain Doesn't Hinder Lexington Ave Dancing Couple

"I think people are just meant to be connected."

Brendan Keany
March 30, 2020 - 9:56 pm
Dancing Couple

Brendan Keany

BUFFALO (WBEN) - Doug Smith and his wife Nadja Piatka have become social media famous due to their nightly 5:30 dancing routines from their second floor balcony on Lexington Avenue in Buffalo.

"I have an AV company, and I had to lay everybody off," said Smith. "I had all of these big speakers and all this stuff in the office, and I said, 'I'm going to bring it home, put it on the porch and play Bohemian Rhapsody once.' It was actually March 18, and I brought the speakers home; we set them up and played Bohemian Rhapsody, and everybody came out of their houses and everybody was cheering."

What started off as one song on one evening turned into a nightly event. Rain or shine, Smith and Piatka are there every evening with dozens from the community dancing and laughing from the street, desperate to get their minds off the tolls of the coronavirus outbreak.

"We heard people say it helps with their mental well-being," said Piatka. "I think people are just meant to be connected, and now we have to do it in a different way."

Both Smith and Piatka agreed that, like many of the videos seen of people singing from balconies in quarantined European countries such as Italy, there is a huge need for light in a time of darkness.

"I think people just love a feel-good story," said Piatka. "They love to share so many positive experiences because right now there's so much negative in the news, and it's just a challenging time for people, so we can share some joy, and people seem to want to do that."

"Buffalo is really a strong community," said Smith. "Everybody gives, and everybody likes to do things with each other, so it's really important that we get through this together."

Piatka added that, at the very least, what they're doing at 5:30 every evening will be a memory to last them and their community for the rest of their lives.

"It has been great, and we will be doing this when it's over," she said. "This will be over, and it will just be a great memory hopefully of a neighborhood coming together."

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