Public, Internal Petitions Call on Bishop Malone to Resign

Malone told WBEN Friday he has no plan to step down

Tim Wenger

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Diocese of Buffalo Bishop Richard Malone is facing new internal pressure to resign from the position following the latest wave of scandal to hit the Church.

Rev. Robert Zilliox of St. Mary’s of Swormville has drafted a petition that is circulating among clergy that asks both Malone and Bishop Grosz to step aside. the petition was drafted after the Movement to Restore trust, a group of prominent lay Catholics, requested the Bishop's resignation last week. 

"As priests and deacons, we are deeply saddened and seriously concerned about the future of the Roman Catholic Diocese at Buffalo," Zilliox wrote in the letter. "The revelations that have come to light over the past days, weeks and months have significantly challenged the credibility of your public statements."

On WBEN Friday, Malone told Tom Bauerle he has no plan to resign. 

Fr. Paul Seil, Pastor of St. Bernadette's Church in Orchard Park, told WBEN that he would sign the letter.

"When the Bishop Can't go to Niagara University, can't go to Canisius College, can't show up at a dinner for Catholic Charities, and doesn't have a public mass on a Sunday, that says an awful lot," Seil said. "The Bishop is to be with his people. If you can't be with your people, how can you continue in any way to lead." 

In addition to the internal petition, a public petition asking for the Bishop to resign has recieved thousands of signatures. 

"His reputation has become irreparably tainted," reads the petition. 

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