Pro Sports Teams Can Open Training Camps In NY

Governor Como Says It's a Return to Normalcy

WBEN Newsroom
May 24, 2020 - 1:42 pm
Buffalo Bills

Wantagh, NY (WBEN/AP) At his daily press briefing Sunday, Governor Andrew Como said that pro sports teams in the state have the green light to open tarining camps.

"I believe sports can come back without haveing fans in the stadium, without having people in the arena." Cuomo added that the destraction would be welcome at the present time, "It gives people something to do, it's a return to normalcy so we are working and encouraging all sports teams to begin their training camps as soon as possible and we'll work with them to make sure that can happen."

 “Do it! Do it! Work out the economics if you can. We want you up. We want people to be able to watch sports.

Major League Baseball, the NBA and the NHL are discussing the resumption of their seasons with their players’ unions.

Other issues the governor addressed Sunday;


The daily coronavirus death toll increased slightly though the trend continues down, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Sunday.

On Saturday, 109 people died across the state from COVID-19, the Democrat said during his daily press conference. There were 84 deaths on Friday.

The daily death toll has hovered around 100 over the past week, a significant drop from the peak in early April when the number seemed more likely to hit 1,000 than fall below 100. It peaked at 799 deaths on April 8.

Cuomo said the state was now “decidedly in the reopening phase.” And he noted that the state’s curve was going down even as many places in the country were rising in deaths.


The Cuomo administration is now acknowledging that state health officials have been trying to count the number of coronavirus patients discharged from hospitals to nursing homes, which have been ravaged by the pandemic.

The AP compiled its own tally of the number of such patients after the state Health Department refused to release an internal survey it conducted two weeks ago.

The AP counted more than 4,500 recovering coronavirus patients sent to nursing homes. At Cuomo’s news briefing Saturday, aide Melissa DeRosa answered an AP reporter’s question about the internal survey by saying, “I don’t think there’s any information that we have that we haven’t released at this point.” The governor’s office clarified Sunday that DeRosa was unaware of the Department of Health’s efforts. The Health Department had previously told the AP it was still validating the data collected in its survey of nursing homes.

Cuomo signed an order March 25 requiring nursing homes to admit coronavirus patients well enough to leave hospitals. That order was intended to help free up hospital beds for the sickest patients, but critics have said it may have fueled deadly outbreaks by introducing people who were still infectious into highly vulnerable nursing homes. Cuomo, who rescinded the order May 10, has said the administration was following U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance.

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