Pressure Mounts on Bellavia to Launch NY27 Bid

"We'll make a quick decision"

Tim Wenger
September 30, 2019 - 10:21 pm

WBEN Photo/Tim Wenger

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - The person most talked about when it comes to the NY27 Congressional district is the one who is doing the least amount of the talking. 

David Bellavia made his first public comments following the resignation of Congressman Chris Collins in a WBEN appearance late Monday evening while on the road in West Point. 

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"We'll make a quick decision", Bellavia said on a few occasions during the session on air with Joe Beamer and Brenda Alesii.  Bellavia wasn't ruling anything out while being careful to stop short of saying he won't run.

Bellavia said he will return to Western New York and talk with family and party leaders before making any definitive plans.  The eight county party chairs who reign over the expansive NY27 district will loom large in Bellavia's final decision process. 

But has anyone of greater influence made a call to Bellavia to ask that he run?  It's no secret Bellavia has developed a relationship with President Donald Trump and many political insiders feel a request from the White House to run might be the 'call to duty' Bellavia may respond to.  Has Bellavia heard from Trump or any Adminsitration officials?  "I would never put my private conversations with the Commander in Chief in a public forum, I would never disrespect him like that", said Bellavia. 

"It's going to be what's best for New York 27", said Bellavia concerning his decision on whether or not to run for Congress.

One thing is for sure about Bellavia, he has been dedicated to serving the country and the Army since becoming the only living Iraq War veteran awarded the coveted Medal of Honor.  "I love my country....we'll make an announcement one way or another", Bellavia said on WBEN.

Bellavia went into great detail about the complexities surrounding the NY27 situation that grew even more murky following Monday's decision by Collins to change his plea in an insider trading case and subsequent resignation.  Bellavia, a talk host alongside Tom Bauerle on WBEN, had nothing but praise for declared candidates Robert Ortt, Beth Parlato and Chris Jacobs.  Bellavia admitted he was unsure of the exact process that will unfold in the coming weeks and months.

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As for the decision by Collins to resign from his Congressional seat, Bellavia said, "I was shocked, I really thought Chris Collins was going to fight this thing until the end".

Bellavia says he is humbled by the outpouring of support and the continued calls for him to run for the Congressional seat, especially now that the seat has been vacated.

For now, however, Bellavia continues his on again, off again road trip on behalf of the US Army and will head to Texas and be a guest of Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys.

The only parting hopeful words Bellavia had for NY27 country were, "Go Bills!"

Stay tuned.

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