President Trump Tweets his Endorsement for Chris Jacobs

It's the second time the President has endorsed Jacobs

Susan Rose
June 02, 2020 - 11:54 am
Chris Jacobs

NYS Senator Chris Jacobs/WBEN Photo

WASHINGTON, DC (WBEN) - President Donald Trump is reinforcing his support of Chris Jacobs for Congress. In a series of tweets Tuesday morning, the President shared his complete and total endorsement for Jacobs, who is running against Nate McMurray for the 27th District Congressional seat, once occupied by ex-Congressman Chris Collins.

It's the second time Trump has endorsed Jacobs. "This is kind of a reinforcement of a previous endorsement," said Republican strategist Carl Calabrese.

Jacobs and McMurray and running in a special election for #NY27 and Jacobs is running against Republicans Beth Parlato and Stefan Mychajliw in a Republican primary.. 

"This is important," said Calabrese. "New York 27 is a solid Trump district. It has some of the highest approval ratings for the president of maybe any congressional district in the nation. Anytime you can remind Trump supporters in that district that Donald Trump supports Chris Jacobs, that's important," said Calabrese.

Three weeks from the election and the election is on the backburner due to two other crises; Coivd and national riots. "We all know the news cycle changes very quickly, almost at hyper speed" said Calabrese. "These candidates are communicating with voters face to face or in mailings every single day," he said.

It is entirely possible that there could be two outcomes on June 23rd. One for the special election and another for the Republican primary. "That makes this a confusing election and an interesting one to watch," said Calabrese. "The person who wins the special election could lose the primary. That would mean that the person who wins the special election would be a member of Congress from June until January 1st. The winner of the November election would take the seat in January.

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