President Trump to David Bellavia: "He has my vote"

Trump offers support at Medal of Honor ceremony

WBEN Newsroom
October 30, 2019 - 10:24 pm

Washington (WBEN) - David Bellavia was at the White House again Wednesday and expected the visit to come with much less stress as he witnessed another Medal of Honor ceremony.

But the attention turned quickly onto Bellavia as President Donald Trump acknowledged his presence and said, "I heard you may be running for office".  As Bellavia looked surprised by the comment, Trump continued, saying, "boy I'll tell you what he has my vote".

As WBEN reported first earlier this month, Bellavia announced he would not run in the expected upcoming special election to fill the vacant NY27 Congressional seat vacated by Chris Collins.

Bellavia was in the front row of a White House ceremony for Master Sergeant Matthew Williams as he received the Medal of Honor, the first such ceremony since Bellavia's award in June.  Williams was honored for his brave actions in an Afghan valley in the spring of 2008.



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