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Power Frustration - What Does 'Still Assessing' Mean?

National Grid - we're trying to be realistic

February 25, 2019 - 11:48 am

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) -  "It's Paula in Elma. I'm freezing, there's no caffeine so I'm really stressed!!!! Elma has been without power for 18 hours.  There are no restoration times yet.  WHY?  This is nuts!"  That's from the WBEN Text line.  Just a sample of the frustration following the extreme wind storm in Western New York. 

As more and more customers are being put back on the grid, it's a tedious job for the utilities.  At their peak, outages were in the 60-thousand range for National Grid and NYSEG

National Grid put 3-thousand crews on alert before the storm hit.  NYSEG added 25-hundred support staff.  "They're given a playbook when they arrive and they're told where to go," said Bertola.  Crews have been staged all across Western New York so they can get to work when conditions allow. 

Why does the website say 'still assessing'?  "With the scope and breath of this storm, we decided to wait for the best information so we can be as accurate as possible," said Bertola.  "We don't want to put out a number like 2:00, only to change it to 4:00 and 10:00. When we put a time on it, it's going to be realistic."

Bertola thought the storm would be more widespread across the state.  He anticipated double the number of outages.  "Don't get me wrong, 37-thousand is a big number and a lot of people are inconvenienced," he said.  "Hopefully we can bring the number down sooner than later."  





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