POLL: NY-27 Seat is Still Republicans' to Lose

Clout Research Names Pat Gallivan and Stefan Mychajliw Strongest Contenders

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(WBEN) - A new poll conducted by Clout Research shows that Republicans have a good chance of holding on to Chris Collins' seat, no matter who the candidate to replace him is. 

The poll shows five potential candidates with double-digit leads over Democrat Nate McMurray. According to Clout, Pat Gallivan and Stefan Mychajliw are the two strongest options. 

The numbers show that Carl Paladino is the most recognizable of the candidates, but more voters view him unfavorably than in a positive light. Meanwhile, McMurray is only known by 54% of those polled, but most who know of him view him favorably. 

You can see the entire poll HERE.

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