Poll: NY Voters Support Legalizing Marijuana, Oppose Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants

Just over a week left in Legislative Session

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(WBEN) - A new Siena college poll released this morning shows that voters in New York are supportive of legalizing marijuana, 55-40 percent, And opposed to allowing undocumented immigrants to get a driver’s license, 53-41 percent.

The new numbers come out with just a week and a half left in the State legislative session. 

The poll also looked at attitudes toward the Governor. Andrew Cuomo has a 52-42 percent favorability rating, which his best rating since March 2018, but by a 58-37 percent margin, voters say Cuomo should not run for a fourth term.

Voters are also strongly supportive of eliminating the religious exemption for vaccinating children, 84-13 percent, and strongly supportive of adding an Equal Rights Amendment to the State Constitution.

You can see the full poll HERE.

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