POLL: Most New Yorkers Think We Will Face Another Outbreak

75% Think another outbreak will happen in the fall

(WBEN) - A new poll shows that New Yorkers fear moving to reopen too quickly more than moving too slowly.

By a margin of 65-32 percent, voters say moving too quickly is a bigger danger than moving too slowly to loosen stay at home orders, even if it results in more jobs being lost.

The poll, conducted by Siena Research, took a look at the reopening of the state and voters’ opinions on top leaders’ handling of the crisis.

Seventy-Five percent of New Yorkers polled say they believe it is at least somewhat likely that we will face another large COVID outbreak in the fall.

“New Yorkers, including 79 percent of Democrats, 50 percent of Republicans and 54 percent of independents, see a bigger danger for the state in moving too quickly to reopen rather than in moving too slowly,” said Siena’s Steve Greenberg in a statement. “Three-quarters of New York City voters are concerned about moving too quickly to end the stay-at-home orders, as are nearly 60 percent of upstaters.”

The latest poll showed continued support for Governor Andrew Cuomo, but many disapprove of his handling of the crisis in nursing homes.

“When it comes to addressing the needs of nursing homes, only 44 percent give him positive marks, compared to a plurality, 48 percent, who rate him negatively,” Greenberg said. “While Democrats view his handling of nursing homes positively, 54-39 percent, 55 percent of Republicans and 61 percent of independents give him a negative grade.”


By an 89-9 percent margin, voters support the Governor’s order requiring face masks to be worn in public when social distancing cannot be maintained. Ninety-four percent say they wear a mask in public when social distancing cannot be maintained always or most of the time.

“Support for wearing masks in public is above 90 percent with Democrats and downstaters and at least 82 percent with Republicans, independents and upstaters,” Greenberg said. “While fewer than 10 percent of voters from every party and region say they never or only sometimes wear a face mask in public, more than two-thirds of voters say they’ve encountered someone in the last week not wearing a mask when they should have been.”

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