POLL: Majority of Americans want impeachment testimony

"Three-quarters of American voters say witnesses should be allowed"

WBEN Newsroom
January 28, 2020 - 8:49 pm

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New polling shows American support for witness testimony in the ongoing impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

On week two of the trial, registered voters say 75 - 20 percent that witnesses should be allowed to testify in the impeachment trial, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today. Support for witness testimony includes 49 percent of Republicans, 95 percent of Democrats, and 75 percent of independents.

"There may be heated debate among lawmakers about whether witnesses should testify at the impeachment trial of President Trump, but it's a different story outside the Beltway. Three-quarters of American voters say witnesses should be allowed to testify, and that includes nearly half of Republican voters," said Quinnipiac University Poll Analyst Mary Snow.

On the question of whether President Trump should be removed from office, voters remain divided, as 48 percent say the Senate should not remove President Trump from office, while 47 percent say the Senate should. That compares to a January 13 poll, conducted prior to the start of the Senate impeachment trial, in which 48 percent said the president should not be removed from office, while 46 percent said he should.

Among voters who say President Trump should not be removed from office, 77 percent say the president did nothing wrong in his actions involving Ukraine, while 14 percent say he did something wrong.

The overwhelming majority of voters who have an opinion on whether the Senate should vote to remove President Trump or not, 89 percent, say they've already made up their minds, while 10 percent say they might change their minds.

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