POLL: Growing Support for Impeachment in NY

New numbers on impeachment, Biden, and cable news

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(WBEN) - A new poll shows growing support for the impeachment inquiry amongst New Yorkers.

The poll, released Tuesday morning by Siena Research, registered New Yorker voters support impeaching and removing President Trump 55-38 percent. Impeachment and removal is supported by 79 percent of Democrats and opposed by 81 percent of Republicans, with independents closely divided.

Ahead of the fourth Democrat debate, the poll has former Vice President Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren as the frontrunners in New York, with each favored by 21 percent. Bernie Sanders is close behind. Voters still view Biden as the most likely Democrat to beat President Trump in the general election. 

The poll also surveyed New Yorkers on their cable news habits. 

Forty percent of New Yorkers spend at least a half hour daily watching one of the 24-hour cable news channels. Another 16 percent watch at least a half hour a day of cable news a few days a week. One in five never watch. CNN is the cable news channel most trusted by 35 percent of New Yorkers, followed by Fox News, 22 percent, and MSNBC at 21 percent. One in seven trust none of them. 

See the entire poll results HERE.

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