Police Dealing with Three Incidents

Investigations into shooting, hit and run, and vandalism in progress

Tom Puckett
July 07, 2017 - 1:19 pm

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Buffalo Police are dealing with three serious incidents that happened late Thursday night.

Lt. Jeff Rinaldo says a 40 year old woman was killed while walking in the East Ferry/Donovan area around 10pm. "We have been successful in recovering video of a possible suspect vehicle. We've posted that on our Facebook page," says Rinaldo. "We believe there may be witnesses out and about in the area. If you have any information, please let us know at 847-2255." Rinaldo describes the vehicle as a four door, light colored crossover or minivan. 

Rinaldo says police are also dealing with shootings at a vigil at Breckenridge and Grant. Detectives say two individuals were struck by gunfire; a 33 year old Buffalo male and a 13 year old Buffalo female. Detectives say the 13 year old female was struck while sitting on a front porch by an apparent stray bullet. The 13 year old was transported to Women & Children's Hospital, while the male was transported to ECMC. Rinaldo says the two suffered apparent non -life threatening injuries. Rinaldo notes the vigil was for a person who died earlier this week from a medical issue. "We believe a couple people in attendance were targeted, based on our initial investigation, there may be some gang affiliation among a couple of people in attendance," Rinaldo explains.

Rinaldo adds there was vandalism in the Black Rock section. "We got reports of about 20 vehicles being vandalized. It appears someone was driving with BB or pellet guns and they broke windows and damaged lights on vehicles in the area of Esser and Wyandot," says Rinaldo.

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