Police Chaplain Shares Message to Officers

Ministers Consoled Those Involved in Search


Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - During the search for Craig Lehner, it took more than just the Police diving squad and sophisticated equipment to run things smoothly. 

Kenyatta Cobb is a former Chaplain with the Buffalo Police Department, and said that ministers and pastors helped those on the ground cope with their emotions, even if they don't happen to be religious.

"Police officers have hearts, they are our brothers, our sisters, our aunts, our uncles," said Cobb. "When we come out to them and let them know that we appreciate what they do, that's impacting their duty and what they do."

Cobb shared his message to the Buffalo Police Department.

"Don't stop," he said. "Continue to march. Even as one has fallen, we understand that he's back with the God that gave him to us. Continue to be the ministers that God has called you to be, because your calling is high. The pastor is called for the souls, but you are called to protect the families in the community."

Hear more with Cobb below:

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