Plans Unveiled for Downtown Train Station

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Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - New York State Department of Transportation unveiled plans Monday to build a brand new downtown Amtrak Station where the current one is located on Exchange street.

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DOT Public Information Officer Susan Surdej says the current 66-year-old station just does not meet riders expectations.

"There's been new train stations built all across New York State and across the country," Surdej said. "Unfortunately when riders get to Buffalo who know it's somewhat of a disappointment."

The project that was started by the city last summer and decided by a committee local leaders that building where the current station was the best option.

"The department of transportation is taking the recommendation and taking it into an actual project," Surdej said.

Members of the public saw the plans at the pierce arrow museum. Charles Davis Sr. of Buffalo who travels on the train quite a bit says he loves what he sees.

"Looking at the train station as it is now, and looking at the way as far as revitalization of it," Davis Sr. said. "The room, the warm atmosphere, I think it's great."

There are some though against the idea of building on where the current location is underneath the I-190. Tim Tielman, a local advocate for historic preservation says no matter how nice the building looks, the location is terrible.

"We surely deserve a better facility than this," Tielman said. "This is just bad and perpetuates the mistakes and the second-class citizen hood of everyone who takes a train in downtown buffalo."

The proposed train station will be raised to sidewalk level and be brought closer to Exchange street. Construction is expected to start in the fall and be completed in the summer of 2020. The existing station will be removed and while the construction takes place, a temporary station will be onsite for Amtrak services.

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