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Pito Rivera's Family Not Going Away

"When those kinds of facts are hidden from me, it raises questions." - Steve Cohen

December 04, 2018 - 1:07 am

BUFFALO (WBEN - Brendan Keany) - Yesterday, District Attorney John Flynn announced there will be no charges filed against the officer who fatally shot Pito Rivera in September.

Steve Cohen represents the family of Rivera, and he's not convinced the full truth has come out regarding the incident.

"I was not given access to the body to inspect it; I was not given access to the autopsy report, even though the autopsy was performed on September 14th," said Cohen. "...when those kinds of facts are hidden from me, it raises questions."

In Flynn's statement, he said that a gun was found in the vicinity of the victim, and that the officer's actions were justifiable, as the shooting occurred in self defense. However, Cohen does not view the surveillance footage in the same way, and he also says the presence of a firearm as found by the investigation is questionable.

WARNING - the following video contains graphic content:

"We have shown this video to many law enforcement officers, many experts, many people in the media," he said. "We have not found anyone, not a single person, who views that video and concluded that at the time that Pito Rivera was shot dead, that the officer who did the shooting was in any danger.

"I have been asking for information on the firearm that was allegedly recovered at the scene, even though the video does not show with any certainty that there was a firearm at the scene," Cohen continued.

Cohen then said that this legal battle will continue.

"Far from over," he began. "We have served the notice of claim, we will be commencing a civil lawsuit against the Buffalo Police Department, the City of Buffalo and against the specific police officer."

Hear full audio from Cohen below:

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