Pickup Truck Drives Into Erie Canal

Driver got out of the vehicle before it sank

Richard Root
August 18, 2017 - 2:53 am

Medina, NY (WBEN) - A pickup truck missed a bridge going over the Erie Canal on Route 63 in Medina and went right into the water.  The driver allegedly took down road signs on his way into the canal. 

The driver was able to escape the vehicle while it was sinking and got onto the truck's roof.  When Medina Police and Fire arrived, the driver swam to the concrete canal bank where he was assisted to dry land.

One report says an off-duty officer observed the driver "all over the road" prior to driving into the canal. 

All reports say the driver seemed unharmed. He reportedly declined medical treatment at the scene. The driver was taken into custody by Medina Police.

A dive team and tow trucks will remove the pickup from the canal.

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