Perspective: Don't Let This Feeling End

Mazurowski: Millennials Ready for Bills Moments of their Own

Brian Mazurowski
January 04, 2018 - 8:41 pm

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Don't laugh, but for people of a certain age this has been the best week they've ever had as a Bills fan. 

On Wednesday, we recognized the 25th anniversary of the comeback game. Usually I can't stand hearing people tell me about how Buffalo's team used to be great, with no moment of my own to enjoy anywhere in sight. 

I turned 28 just a day after the team clinched a trip to the playoffs for the first time since 1999. To call me jaded would have been an understatement. Defeated is probably the better word. 

Throughout my years of watching the team, wins and losses rarely seemed significant. Game time was often usurped by nap time. Trips to the stadium were more about gathering with friends than they ever were about the result (you've probably seen the videos). All that was possible because to myself and so many others 8-8, or something like that, seemed inevitable. 

I really didn't expect all that to change on Sunday. 

On the air leading up to Week 17, I assured everyone listening there actually was a chance for the drought to end. I'm pretty sure I believed it. 

Either way Sunday was going to be memorable. It was the first time since my middle school years that the last game of the season would mean something. I don't need to re-hash how the evening unfolded. Kyle Williams' Touchdown. Fourth and Twelve. It was the most fun I've ever had watching the Bills. 

I didn't expect that feeling to carry over.

However, I found myself still smiling on Monday. I think I've seen every fan reaction video that was tweeted or snapped. I've watched 4th and 12 more times than I have any other play in NFL history. On Tuesday the feeling continued. Susan said to me that it feels like an extension of the holiday. I haven't gone anywhere without hearing someone talk about the team or seeing red, white, and blue. 

My wife asked to borrow my Antowain Smith jersey to wear to work. She has no idea who Antowain Smith is. 

So on Wednesday, instead of loathing another day talking about the teams from when I was barely old enough to string three sentences together, I loved being able to celebrate too. To look at the comeback and think that there's a possibility for the team to have another playoff moment. 

It's been a fun week, and it's not over yet. 

I had to figure out what to do for Sunday's game. I wanted to make plans with everyone I've watched a game with over the last two decades. It was a decision I didn't want to screw up. 

Even though we're all making plans, does anyone really want the game to happen? It's the best Bills week ever for the under-30 crowd, and I don't want it to end.

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