Perspective: Cancer sucks. Another too soon.

Entercom mourns the loss of Sue Monda

Tim Wenger
March 11, 2018 - 4:31 pm

Entercom reception and Sue's desk - Photo by Shawn Vanpatten


Every business has an unsung hero or two.  Someone who shows up for work each day, does their job, and quietly keeps things running smoothly and gets done what needs to get done.  In the radio industry, were have a lot of people who do integral work but never hear their names or voices on the air. 

The first line of contact at the Entercom Radio stations in Buffalo is, of course, reception.  All day long, excited prize-winners stream into the lobby to pick up their goods.  Business partners arrive for meetings.  And even listeners with complaints or concerns wander in for an explanation.

For the past several years it has been Sue Monda who greets them, assesses their situation and demeanor and responds accordingly.  She got to know some of the regular prize winners and regular guests of the radio stations and she always knew who to find to help solve a visitors’ concern or dilemma.

On Friday, cancer took Sue from us after a long battle that involved several different attacks by the disease.  She beat cancer more than once previously and intended to do it again, showing up for work each day until recently when it became too much.

Sue confided in a few of us at work on a regular basis. And she didn’t do it for sympathy, but rather for support, understanding and prayer.  Before the switchboard would open, Sue would often be in my office updating me on her treatments, her outlook, and what doctors were telling her.  She always clung to the positive and trudged on.

Think about this.  We’ve all been touched by cancer.  A family member, a friend, a coworker.  We feel helpless as they diligently do battle and we try to be supportive in their presence and remember them in prayer.  Beyond that, the battle is theirs and they live with it 24/7. 

As Sue would leave my office and head for her post at the switchboard, I often wondered how lonely it is for her, and thousands of others in her position, who look cancer in the eye and battle on.  After the medicine, the love and the prayer, it’s just you and cancer.  It must be physically and emotionally exhausting.

It finally proved too exhausting for Sue Friday.

Yes, cancer sucks.  And while so many strides have been made at world-renowned places like Roswell Park, the disease still evades us and claims its victims.

As we here at Entercom mourn the loss of Sue Monda, keep all cancer patients in your thoughts and prayers.  Support them.  Listen to them.  Try to understand them.  And learn from them.

We learned a lot about strength, perseverance and a will to live from Sue Monda and we’ll miss her presence dearly.

What one notable cancer patient recently said reminds me of the attitude Sue had each time she left my office after one of our ‘talks’, "Cancer didn't bring me to my knees, it brought me to my feet”.

Sue and her valiant fight won’t soon be forgotten and our thoughts and prayers are with her husband and family.

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