Nothing says birthday quite like "Perry's Ice Cream"

November 13th named "Perry's Ice Cream Day"

Tim Wenger
November 13, 2018 - 12:00 pm

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Akron, N.Y. (WBEN) - Nothing quite says birthday celebration like ice cream, right? 

But how do you celebrate when it's the birthday of the ice cream maker and their address is One Ice Cream Plaza?  You name the day "Perry's Ice Cream Day", of course. 

Not a bad assignment and way to begin my day as I headed out to Akron for the centennial celebration of a Western New York institution, Perry's Ice Cream.

Employees and dignitaries gathered inside the Perry's headquarters in Akron as multiple generations of the Perry family were on-hand to mark 100 years in operation.  New York State and other jurisdictions gave November 13th a ceremonial name of "Perry's Ice Cream Day" as the lobby area buzzed with excited attendees for a formal celebration.

"I remember working in my younger days during the 75th aniversary and thinking, boy that 100th year will never get here", said Perry's Executive Vice President Brian Perry, a fourth generation family member who joined the company in 1979 and was proudly wearing a wide smile during the event.  Perry's great grandfather, Morton Perry, started the business 100 years ago as a single milk deliveryman and now the business employs nearly 400 people, produces 11 million gallons annually and covers six states.  "It's just incredible to see a man's entrepreneurship be taken so far by each generation along the way", Perry stated.

Perry's marked their centennial year by producing four 'retro' flavors that have been available in stores throughout the celebration year.

One thing you hear a lot of if you're around Perry's long enough is a quote from the founder, Morton Perry, "make sure you put in enough of the good stuff.  

Hear! Hear!


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