Peaceful Flag Waving Outside New Era Field

Local Vet: "seeing McCoy stretching made me upset"

WBEN Photo - Susan Rose


Orchard Park, N.Y. (WBEN) - Local veteran Travis Griffin decided on Tuesday morning to go to New Era Field and show what the flag means to him. 

Griffin is an avid Buffalo Bills fan.  He had enough after Sunday's anthem protests.  "Watching LeSean McCoy stretching during the national anthem made me upset.  McCoy is young and I'm sure it was a mistake but I want him to know about respect for this flag".

"I couldn't be more proud" said Griffin. "We've had hundreds of cars coming by honking horns or giving the thumbs-up".

During the day another local veteran was driving by and decided to join him.  Matthew Blenski said "I'm a patriotic American. I fought for my country and this flag represents so much for me. It just seemed right to come out here and show my support."

Griffin's 7 year old son Chase was with him.  He seemed to have an understanding of the issue.   "We want to show respect to military veterans". 

The two veterans plan to be back on the Abbott Road side of the stadium on Wednesday and they might have some company.  Other local veterans have already indicated they may be joining them. 

Griffin said his goal is to rally Bills fans for the November 12th game against New Orleans.  "It's the day after Veterans Day and we want fans to stay outside the stadium prior to kickoff and sing our own version of the National Anthem in the parking lot". 


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