Paladino For Governor? Not Yet!

Tells WIVB he's still thinking about it

Richard Root
August 04, 2017 - 3:41 am

WBEN Photo - Tim Wenger

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Developer and embattled Buffalo School Board member Carl Paladino says he's considering another gubernatorial run.

In an interview with WIVB, Paladino says he's "been considering it for the last couple years," and that he sees an opportunity.

Paladino has raised the idea before, twice in recent years on WBEN's Hardline program, and in Dec. 2015 on the national stage with Fox Business Channel's Neil Cavuto.

He says he doesn't see candidates with "the fire in the belly" and who can beat Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo and the "liberal progressive movement that we have going on in the state right now."

Paladino told Channel 4 New York State is over-taxed, over burdened, over regulated, and there are "too many phonies out there leading the charge.

"There's no official announcement, yet, Paladino says he won't make a decision until later in the year.  

When he ran against Governor Cuomo in 2010, Paladino lost by a significant margin. 

Of course, Paladino has been in the spotlight this year thanks to a private remark about the Obamas printed in Artvoice.  

Paladino told WIVB he doesn't think that fiasco would harm his chances of winning the governor's mansion. "I have every right to say what’s on my mind," he says in the interview.

Channel 4 reached out to Erie County Democratic Chair Jeremy Zellner who told them "“I think Carl would be a terrible candidate for governor as he was eight years ago."

Zellner says he thinks Cuomo is in a strong position for re-election.

You can read the entire story at WIVB.COM.

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