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Orchard Park Pain Doctor Arrested on Tuesday

Dr. Paul Biddle accused of obtaining drugs using identity theft

November 21, 2017 - 4:39 pm

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WBEN) - A pain doctor based out of Orchard Park was arrested and charged with using patient names fraudulently to obtain controlled substances.

Dr. Paul Biddle, 53, was charged with obtaining controlled substances and identity theft and faces several years in prison.

According to the U.S. attorneys office in Buffalo, Biddle is an anesthesiologist and pain management doctor who also operates a medical marijuana practice. Biddle was allegedly prescribing controlled substances for 23 of his patients through a pharmacy in Tampa, Florida. Those prescriptions were paid for without using insurance and sent directly to Biddle's home address in Amherst or his office in Orchard Park.

Between November 11, 2013 and October 16, 2017, Biddle wrote an received 888 prescriptions from the Tampa pharmacy. Two prescriptions were for opioids. Two of those 23 patients that Biddle allegedly wrote the prescriptions for were dead at the time Biddle wrote them. 

Officials also determined after looking through Biddle's trash, the drugs were being used unlawfully at his home. 

"(This case) shows the power of addiction," U.S. Attorney JP Kennedy said. "In this case, Dr. Biddle is alleged to use his medical license as a license to steal his patient's information as well as a license to divert drugs for his own use. This case highlights that no one is immune to the power of addiction, including doctors...It's all across the region. The power of addiction and the power of these opioids and the destructive influence it can have on people's lives is really shown by today's arrest."

Biddle appeared in federal court on Tuesday and released on the condition he does not practice medicine or write prescriptions until his next court appearance on November 27. He faces several years of prison if convicted.

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