Turning Protest Ideas Into Action

Movement to make disciplinary records of police available to the public

Buffalo Police Department

(WBEN) - As protests pointing out racial injustices continue throughout the country, some in New York State are looking for ways to turn their ideas into actions.

A growing movement across the state is calling for legislative action to make disciplinary records of police officers available to the public. The push is to repeal section 50-a of the civil rights law, which blocks that from happening.

A bill to do just that appears to have support in Albany.

“I think anyone who is a public servant, who takes a paycheck from taxpayers, we should know what their record is,” Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul told WBEN on Wednesday.

“One of those ways (to increase accountability) is to make sure their records, when there is an incident, be public,” Hochul said. “When there is a bad apple who abuses their shield, we need to know about that.”

There is currently a bill to repeal 50-a being discussed by lawmakers, though it has not yet been co-sponsored by a Republican in the State Senate.

“I don’t see why anyone should be opposed to this,” Hochul said.

She added that she foresees a discussion on that topic happening in the very near future. The Bill to repeal 50-a is currently in State Senate and Assembly committees.

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