'One life lost is one too many'

T-shirt sale in memory of Larry Bierl to benefit Code Blue

February 07, 2019 - 3:00 pm

Buffalo, N.Y.  (WBEN) -  Following the tragic death of Larry Bierl during the blizzard conditions in Williamsville last week, an effort is underway to help raise funds and awareness for the Code Blue effort in Buffalo in memory of Bierl.

Larry Bierl was a well known individual in Williamsville and died in a bus shelter of hypothermia during the recent storm and his death has put a spotlight on the local homelessness issue. 

Park Avenue Imprints reached out to WBEN looking for a way to honor the memory of Larry and to direct funding to an effort that works to help the homeless population.  The Restoration Society is one of a handful of organizations that oversees the Code Blue Collaborative in the Buffalo area and has joined with Park Avenue Imprints to design and sell t-shirts and hoodies with all proceeds going to Code Blue.

The "One life lost is one too many" t-shirts and hoodies are $15 and $25 respectively and available directly through the Restoration Society website.

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