NYC Man Arrested in Niagara Falls

Wanted for Chopping Off his Wife's Arm

Allan Harris
June 24, 2018 - 5:39 am

(WBEN) Niagara Falls Police and the U-S Marshals office arrested a New York City man Saturday night who was wanted for cutting off the arm of his pregnant wife on Thursday. Yong Lu reportedly was getting ready to swim to Canada. He was arrested after a bus driver told police that the man had tried to talk him into letting him ride in the baggage compartment of his bus on the way to Canada.

His 35-year old wife was rushed to a hospital in New York City where doctors managed to reattach her arm but she remains in critical condition.

Yong Lu is being taken back to New York City. It's believed he was in Niagara Falls since Friday. The Niagara Gazette reports that he was picked up outside the One Niagara Building about 7:45PM Saturday.

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