North Tonawanda Considering Limit on Dogs per Household

Recent complaints lead City to look at issue

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North Tonawanda, NY (WBEN) - The City of North Tonawanda could be looking in to putting a limit on how many dogs can live in one household.

The issue came up at a recent meeting after the city's dog control officer said there have been more complaints about odors from homes with numerous dogs.

City Clerk Matt Parish said that while the issue has been discussed, there is no formal plan to move forward with the idea.

"It's a touchy issue because... a lot of people have dogs and most people consider dogs to be family," Parish said. "It's really hard to limit the amount of family members you can have."

While there is no formal proposal, North Tonawanda Dog Control Offier Eric Salisbury has said that a limit of three dogs per household would be in line with some surrounding municipalities.

Parish didn't want to float out a number just yet.

"I don't feel comfortable saying an exact number because we haven't really determined one," Parish said. "We're really in the beginning stages of addressing the issue. If there's anything done, it will be on the recommendation of the dog control officer. He's been doing some research on other municipalities and what they do. If this were to happen, it would be on his recommendation."

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