No National Love for the Buffalo Bills

Plus, how the odds look this Sunday in Kansas City

Mike Baggerman
November 22, 2017 - 3:00 am

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WBEN) - The Buffalo Bills have been blasted by national media outlets for their decision to start Nathan Peterman over Tyrod Taylor in Sunday's 54-24 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers.

Peterman, a rookie who was drafted in the fifth round, threw five interceptions in the first half before he was replaced by Tyrod Taylor, whose inconsistencies took at least three years off the lives of any Bills fan. 

"My first question was why this game?" ESPN's Trey Wingo said on the John Murphy Show. "When you're still in the wild card hunt and you're going on the run...against arguably the best tandem rushers in the NFL...and you're giving away the most precious commodity you have on the offense which is mobility. Tyrod's nickname is T-Mobile and on several of those five interceptions, you saw pressure directly affecting the throw. You have to believe that had Tyrod been out there, he would have been able to escape from some of those things."

Buffalo began the season at 5-2 but have lost three straight games. Wingo noted that the defense has been a problem for the Bills in recent games. 

"(The Bills thought) we're going to make the quarterback change after we give up six rushing touchdowns and 298 rushing yards," Wingo added. "In every game (since the Raiders), it's been a disaster for that defense."

Brian Blessing, host of Sports Book Radio and Vegas Hockey Hotline for AM 1400 KSHB in Las Vegas, said the jury is still out on the quarterback decision. 

"We're seeing that Kansas City is a ten-point favorite at Arrowhead (stadium)," Blessing said. "So, this is a number that two or three weeks ago likely would have been Kansas City about 5-and-a-half. Now it's all the way up to ten."

But Blessing doesn't attribute all of that to the quarterback debacle.

"Clearly (Tyrod Taylor) has his limitations but he's a proven commodity," he said. "From the quarterback position I don't know if there was a big belief in Tyrod Taylor. It was more question marks around Peterman. The reality is that Peterman is getting all the blame but the offensive line has been a trainwreck.

He also joked about the Bills defense.

"They couldn't stop a Mount Senior Martin offense," he quipped.

Or maybe he was serious.

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