Niagara County Approves $343 Million Budget

Cuts taxes by 2.3%

Richard Root
December 13, 2017 - 3:39 am
Niagara County seal

Lockport, NY (WBEN) - Niagara County lawmakers approved a $343 million budget last night. That represents a 2.3% cut over last year’s tax rate. Lawmakers say it reducing taxes to their lowest level in decades.
The budget also included last-minute amendments to include funding for a “Discover Niagara” shuttle and efforts to retain the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station.

The budget was approved 12-1 after the addition of $70,000 in funding for the tourism shuttle traveling from Niagara Falls to Lewiston and $30,000 to fund operations of the Niagara Military Affairs Council, the grassroots community group that has been one of several efforts to preserve the Air Force base and its nearly 3,000 jobs funded through county appropriations over the years.
“We’ve cut taxes—again. Our families deserve a fiscally responsible county government, and this is a fiscally responsible county budget,” Legislature Chairman William McNall said.

“This represents a year-long budgeting process aimed at containing costs wherever possible, despite the ever-increasing burden of unfunded mandates.”

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