Next Government Shutdown Looms as Talks Stall

Collins: "I don't believe for a second that he's giving up on his wall"


Washington, DC (WBEN/AP) - The White House is refusing to rule out the possibility that the federal government may shut down again as another deadline looms at the end of the week.
Negotiators are clashing over whether to limit the number of migrants authorities can detain, creating a new hurdle for a border security compromise that Congress can accept.
With a Friday deadline approaching, the two sides remain separated over how much to spend on President Donald Trump's promised border wall.

There had been talk that a deal could be reached by Monday, leaving plenty of time for Congress and the Senate to act before the deadline, but those negotiations appear to have soured over the weekend. 

"It does not appear that there is good faith negotiations going on," said Congressman Chris Collins in an interview with WBEN. "The President took (Democrats) at face value that there would be. I don't believe for a second that he's giving up on his wall, and it may well be that the only solution would be an emergency declaration, which I would certainly support... that's what it may come down to."
Rising to the fore is a related dispute over curbing Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, the federal agency that Republicans see as an emblem of tough immigration policies.
People involved in the talks say Democrats have proposed limiting the number of immigrants in the country illegally and caught inside the U.S. - not at the border - that the agency can detain.


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