Mark Schroeder formally enters race for Buffalo Mayor

"Don't count me out!"

Brian Mazurowski
March 06, 2017 - 9:22 am
Mark Schroeder

WBEN PhotoTim Wenger)


Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - Inside the very governmental-looking Historic Lodge on Cazenovia Street in South Buffalo, Comptroller Mark Schroeder began his effort to move from the 12th floor of city hall to the Mayor's Office on the second floor.  Knowing most political insiders say it will be a daunting task to unseat incumbent Mayor Byron Brown, Schroeder declared loudly and confidently, "don't count me out".

Schroeder, a Democrat, will face Brown in the September Democratic Primary race.  Brown formalized his campaign for a fourth consecutive term recently inside Erie Community College city campus.

"I asked you here today because I need your help.  I have a new vision for Buffalo and I need your help.  I have a plan for every neighborhood; north, south, east and west", Schroeder proclaimed before an enthusiastic crowd of hundreds inside the hall.

Pointing to Mayor Brown's work with developers to move Buffalo forward, Schroeder countered, "I have a vision of a city that offers assistance to small businesses not just big developers".  "I have a vision of a city where everyone has a seat at the table", said Schroeder.

Mark Schroeder and his wife at campaign event

The current Buffalo comptroller, and former state assemblyman and county legislator, said his tenure in City Hall shaped his vision for city government. “I have been in City Hall for five years, and I know we can do better – and I know where we can do better,” he said. Schroeder said the he is proud of his accomplishments as comptroller, and he pointed to his office’s recent successes. “We shut down corrupt vendors who were ripping off taxpayers so they could line their own pockets.  We got a million dollar refund from a utility that was charging the city for street lights that didn’t exist,” he said.  “We have reduced debt by 25 percent, earned three upgrades from the credit rating agencies, and put all of the city’s finances online so you can see how your tax dollars are being spent.”

Then the candidate prepared his enthusiastic supporters for the path ahead.  “Now I’m sure you have heard how much of a challenge this race will be, how the other side has every advantage in the book.  Money, power, incumbency.  This will be a difficult endeavor, an uphill climb.  Make no mistake, we are the underdogs,” he said.  “But I believe this city is worth fighting for, no matter what the odds.”

Schroeder ended his passionate speech by repeating the same things four times in a row: "let's go to work Buffalo".

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