New Way To Report Potholes

Senator Kennedy Looking To Make State More Responsible For Bad Roads

Matt Moran
June 14, 2018 - 5:00 am

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) - New York State Senator Tim Kennedy has sponsored the bill that will create on online portal so that drivers can report potholes they have encountered. Currently the State DOT has a hotline that you can call in but its not into law. This bill will put it into law and make sure it's properly managed. 

"It will allow for individuals who make the report whether it's throught 1-800-POTHOLE hotline or it's through the online portal to the government to actually see in real time when these repairs are done," Senator Kennedy said.

This will only apply to state roads and highways. Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw says the county should be looking into it's own website because the roads are so bad. 

"The roads are shameful, they resemble third world countries and I think that's an insult to third world countries," Comptroller Mychajliw said.

Senator Kennedy agrees all forms of government should be working on improving their laws with handling potholes. He says currently the state laws are outdated

"It should be very simple for someone to notify the proper municipality on where the defect or pothole is and get it fixed as quickly as possible," Senator Kennedy said.

That Bill passed in the State Senate, it is currently in State Assembly. Senator Kennedy also has another bill he has sponsored that would make the State more liable for damages done to vehicles due to potholes.

"It's imperative when these roads are not maintained properly that the State is held accountable," Senator Kennedy said. "They are liable for the costs that are inccured by taxpayers and damages to their vehicles on these roads that are not properly maintained."

Currently that bill is in the transporation committee. The State is only responsible for damages to vehicles due to deficient roads from May 1st - November 15th.

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