New Train Station: Don't Give Up On The Central Terminal

Central Terminal Restoration Corp Has A New Idea

Susan Rose
March 22, 2017 - 12:08 pm
Buffalo's Central Terminal

WBEN photo


Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - A consultant's report on a new Buffalo train station came as sticker shock to many, including Central Terminal Restoration Corporation. "The numbers are quite eye-opening to say the least" said Mark Lewandowski, Central Terminal President. 

The cost to re-purpose the East Side site as a train station is somewhere between $68 million and $149 million dollars.  But Lewandowski is not giving up. He thinks it's a doable project if the train concourse is privatized. "By privatizing at least the train concourse, not rail operations, private enterprise would help pick up the tab.  City and state dollars would go solely toward rail operations". 

Central Terminal was an active train station between 1929 and 1979.  The infrastructure is still there.  Lewandowski says by making modifications it could have a positive effect on CSX operations nearby.

The other factor is minimal usage.  Six trains go through Buffalo each day, three inbound and three outbound.  An average of 54 people board the train at Buffalo's Exchange Street station each day. Another 54 people get off. 

Buffalo's Central Terminal is listed on the National Registry as a historical site.



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