New State License Plates on Hold Due to Manufacturing Issue

Plates sent to County DMV offices have been recalled

New License Plates



Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - If you’ve been waiting for those new New York license plates, the ones that won a design competition held amidst a controversial new-plate policy in 2019, don’t hold your breath.

The new license plates, redesigned in part to be more easily read by new toll cameras, have been recalled because they are too reflective to be read by those cameras.

Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns said that the county did receive the new plates from the State.

None of the plates were issued to drivers, but they were shipped to several counties across the state.

The recall of plates is the latest trouble in license plate manufacturing in New York. Both the older white and blue plates and yellow and blue plates have had issues where the reflective design peels off of the plate itself.

“We’ve been doing this over 100 years, but we just can’t seem to get this right,” Kearns said. “We put a man on the moon…”

Will DMVs Re-Open Locally?

Kearns is looking in to the possibility of opening DMV locations throughout the county, but doesn’t know when the ‘OK’ will come from the State.

DMV offices have been closed, but have been able to process transactions curbside. Kearns has argued that opening the DMV offices would provide some much needed revenue for the County, which is facing the possibility of a budget shortfall because of the pandemic induced shutdown.

As of now, Kearns said it it unclear whether the State will allow for those offices to re-open as part of ‘Phase 1’ or ‘Phase 2.’

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