New Sabres Jerseys to be Unveiled Today

New Threads Won't Differ Much From Current Ones


(WBEN) - The Sabres are preparing to unveil yet another new jersey. 

As part of a league-wide switch from Reebok to Adidas, the Sabres' uniform will get a slight redesign. 

How slight? It's expected that the only significant change to the jersey will be the removing of the silver piping on the side, and gray under the arms. 

Even though the jerseys will be made by Adidas, that's not the name fans can expect to see on store shelves. 

"Adidas is going to have the practice jersey and the on-ice game jersey, and Fanatics will have the off-ice," said John Witt from Dave and Adam's Card World. "They're going to be pretty much exactly the same except there's going to be a little Fanatics logo on the bottom right of the jersey instead of an Adidas one."

What will happen to the old uniforms?

"They're still going to be kicking around," Witt said. "They'll probably be just as popular as these ones, because you still have players like Jack Eichel who originally wore this jersey, so people are still going to want that."

Adidas has released some teasers for the new jersey that you can see here:


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