New Poll Numbers Show Just About Everyone Impacted by Coronavirus

Only 4% Say it's Life as Usual

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - No one needs numbers to tell them just how much Coronavirus has changed day to day life.

But, we have some numbers anyway.

A new poll from Siena Research finds that only four percent of people in the state are going about “life as usual.” 

“The coronavirus crisis has turned life upside down for nearly all New Yorkers. Ninety-five percent are either quaranting or cutting back on going out, not being around others and practicing social distancing,” said Siena’s Don Levy in a statement. “Almost as many, 82%, are worried about their health.”

The poll numbers show that over half of New Yorkers are concerned about being able to meet their monthly financial obligations. 

Is there any good news? Perhaps.

A majority of people who responded to the poll say that they are enjoying the “small things” even more than ever, and are appreciating extra time spent with those closest to them. 


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